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Tuesday 1 September 2009


As a new cardmaker (or even an older hand!) you may have come across the term "sketches" You may have seen a "Sketch challenge" on a forum or challenge blog and may have even been put off by thinking it involves drawing! Don't worry you wont be the only one!
Sketches DON'T involve drawing unless they specifically say so which is rare.

They were regularly used for scrapbook layouts but more latterly have crossed over into cardmaking and very welcome they are!

Sketches are simply a pattern, you can follow them quite literally or put your own interpretation on them, so long as the original sketch is identifiable then it will pass :)
They are very good for ideas on how to lay out your designs and eventually you will find favourite sketches, if you have particularly enjoyed a sketch why not draw it in a notebook so you can quickly reference it when your mojo leaves the building!
This is an example of a sketch you might see and below I will show you how its composed.


Start with the lowest layers working your way up so here it is the background (in yellow) and the bottom panel (in beige)

Next there is a little square next to your main image, this can be added later or in this case I have done a rectangle and the image will sit over the top of half of it.

Then there is a circle below the image, add this. I would often stick this to the back of the image first then lay it down.

And finally your image!

OK that was easy peesy!
On the original sketch you may have noticed 3 dots and a bow. These will be your embellishments. You can use sticky gems or flowers or something quite small for your dots and the bow would normally be a ribbon but hey its YOUR interpretation!
The image below follows the sketch but is turned 90 degrees. As will ALL sketch challenges it is absolutely fine to turn your sketch whichever way suits you (and your stash!) Its also a pink/green complimentary!
When taking part in various challenges I often combine challenges with a sketch from one and a different challenge such as a colour one from another. Please check the rules of the blog before combining challenges as a rare few will not accept combined entries.

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