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Our Challenge Rules

Nobody likes rules but we feel as a team that the following rules are fair so please ensure you read our rules before linking your entry.

1. Please do not enter anything into a challenge that has been posted on your blog prior to the post date of our challenge.

2. Please make sure you have a clickable link in your blog post directly to our challenge, and not just to our blog.

3. Please CHECK and make sure that your entry meets our particular criteria for a specific challenge, which will be published at the top of each challenge and it will give you FULL details as to what is acceptable. Any entry not matching the theme will be deleted

4. You can create anything handmade so long as it meets the challenge critera (cardmakers is just a name!)

5. You must leave a link to your actual card not your entire blog in the froggy link. If you don't know how to link to your card there's a tutorial here. We have set the froggy so he won't allow you to link if you have not done so correctly.

6. You can enter as many times as you wish so long as it meets the above criteria

7. There seems to be an influx of semi naked female images appearing in various challenges. I am not happy seeing them in this challenge as we do have some children read this blog. Please do not enter any images portraying nudity, or semi nudity as they will just be deleted. I am not saying there is not a place for this type of image and I can imagine that some men might find them delightful on a card, but Crafty Cardmakers is NOT the place for them, thank you.

8. This is not a rule, but it would be really helpful if you turned off word verification. There are other ways to protect your blog from spam, including moderating your comments before they are published.

9. Please don't enter from somewhere that you cannot abide by Rule Number 2, such as Pinterest. If there is no clickable link in your post that the blue linky can find it will just block your entry from appearing in the list. Sorry.

Please be aware if you try to enter from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. in fact anything that isn’t a blog, UNLESS you follow our rules and add a link back to this post then the blue linky will block you. If you do post a link and the blue linky manages to find it, provided one of our team has signed up to one of the platforms above we will be happy to comment, but if not, I shall simply delete your entry when it pops up in the linky moderation list.

**Please note that we will only leave comments on blogger or wordpress or elsewhere that does NOT require us to register a separate account. We dont mind you taking part in our challenges and it wont affect any prize you may win but we will be unable to leave comments elsewhere.

Many Thanks for your understanding and co-operation!  Lets get crafting and have fun!