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Monday, 10 August 2009

Some Blog Candy :)


If you're anything like me you may have heard of the term blog candy and people asking you to visit their blog as they have candy. Now my folks taught me never to take sweets from strangers and I used to be really puzzled why people gave away sweets on blogs, I mean you don't know them, you wouldn't take a sweet from a stranger at the bus stop now would you?

Then the penny dropped (after quite some time I might add!) that BLOG CANDY is not sweets, its CRAFT GOODIES!!! All those months I missed out not knowing this haha!

So I am offering our own candy! That is crafty goodies! I will add an item a day until we officially open on 10th August. Want a chance to win it? Here's how...

We have got 2 MEGA huge sponsors, really big players in the world of crafts with oodles of awards, allocades and massive product ranges between them. Each day I will post up a different clue about them or their products. You need to try and guess who the two fantastic sponsors are.



To enter leave a message in the comments box. You can make ONE guess PER DAY (email if you don't have a blog although you should be able to leave comments) and all the correct entries will go into the prize draw and a winner will be picked at random before challenge 1.

Here is the 1st item going into the blog candy box, some 3d decoupage sheets, 2nd item some peel offs, 3rd is ribbon, 4th is a cling rubber stamp by Sarah Kay for Stampavie called ""Lucy & Kitty" I keep thinking its an xmas one, its not but it *can* be! 5th is some scrummy glass beads including some two colour crackle glass ones, 6th is some accents (vellum stickers, sticky ribbon etc) by AMM, 7th is some epoxy? stickers of some gorgeous little cherubs and corners, 8th is 3d stickers and die cuts by craft house which I use quite a lot myself!
9th is a sakura stardust pen in clear and a souffle pen in white, essential kit! 10th is a packet of Dazzlers by Petaloo and also a scrummy pack of pink and black flora doodles. 11th is 10 decoupage sheets by Jolly Nation with 10 matching backing papers. 12th is a pack of scratch art scratch & sparkle which can be used in basic, intermediate and advanced (all instructions included!) 13th is 2 bottles of Moonglow starburst stains (these are THE most gorgeous dyes on the market and I have 59 of them myself!) They are Poinsettia red gold and Cathedral pines green so perfect for xmas. 14th and final are some lilac and pink beads, heart shaped glass beads, some silver charms and some swarovski crystal beads, these really dazzle so use sparingly!

There is a nice little mix of starter materials through to more advanced ones. I'll be taking entries up to 12pm GMT on Monday 10th Aug, all correct guesses will go into the draw for the winner to be announced later in the day.


Keep guessing! You have to have the right answer to be entered so keep going!
NOTE: Once you get both right your name will be noted so you can keep trying each day if you're not sure! It doesnt go on the final guess, once you hit on it then you're in the draw!


  1. Create and craft tv/ideal world

  2. Create & craft TV/La Pashe

  3. Gosh you have been working hard to make this exciting. I'm already excited and you haven't launched yet - Oh, happy days!

    I think Sponsor 1 could be Ideal World, I think the clue about sweeter than me, and the word Ideal reminds me of that sweet condensed milk.

    However, I can't think what Sponsor 2 could be. You have me there, girlie.

  4. I think Sponsor 1 is Jonanna Sheen and Sponsor 2 is La Pashe

  5. Well, like others, my mind went straight to Ideal World/Create and Craft for the first sponsor, but I don't have any idea on the second!

    Well done on getting sponsors! I'm looking forward to the challenge.

  6. I think sponsor one is Joanna Sheen but no idea on number 2 Hugs Julie x

  7. Soo frustrating not to be able to enter this lol. Come on girls keep the guesses rolling in.

  8. sticking with Joanna Sheen for sponsor 1, but think sponsor 2 might be Cardcraft Plus

  9. sponsor 1 is Joanna Sheen
    sponsor 2 is Imag-e-nation

  10. I think Google should be the real winner...
    I'm with Looby, I believe Sponsor 1 is Joanna Seen and Sponsor 2 is Imag-e-nation.

  11. I also agree with
    1- Joanna Sheen
    2- Imag-e-nation

  12. Sponsor 1 is Joanna Sheen not to sure now who the second sponsor is.

  13. Email entry from Gemma W

    1) Joanna sheen

    2) Imag-e-nation

  14. Email entry from Julie W

    My guess is as follows
    Sponser 1 - Joanna Sheen
    Sponser 2 - Imag-e-nation

  15. Keep guessing! :D

    More candy being added now

  16. What fun! This looks great and good luck with it all.
    Sponsor 1 is Joanna Sheen, I am not too sure about the second one yet!

  17. Finally worked it out!
    Sponsor 1 is Joanna Sheen
    Sponsor 2 is Imag-e-nation

  18. Yay, think I've worked this out as well

    1st sponsor - Joanna Sheen
    2nd sponsor - Imag-e-nation

    Love them both :)

  19. Hi
    I think
    1-joanna sheen
    Hugs Dianne xx

  20. Joanna Sheen and Imag-e-nation

    great game vix
    sarah x

  21. Great blog idea!!

    1. Joanna Sheen
    2 Image i nation

  22. Sponsor 1 is Joanna Sheen
    Sponson 2 is Imag-e-nation

  23. Wa Hay! I got it, but so did everyone else! I only got it from the cameo, Sponsor 1 is Joanna Sheen. Sponsor 2 is Imag-e-nation (unless you are talking about the dance band from the 1980's), but I only got that because everyone else said so, cos I've never heard of Imag-e-nation in crafting. I've just spent about 15 mins looking round sponsor 2 before I remembered to come back and make a comment. Hahahaha!

  24. 1) Joanna sheen

    2) Imag-e-nation

    looking forward to this Vix....good luck with it

    Shell x

  25. Well, the logos helped! The first sponsor is Joanna Sheen, and the second is Imag-e-nation!


  26. Joanna Sheen

    Knew La Pashe/Imagenation but wouldn't have got Joanna Sheen from Clue, logo gave it away.


  27. Fab candy and such fun, just found your blog and sponsors are
    1. Joanna Sheen
    2. Imag-e-nation

  28. Great idea and here is my answers
    1 Joanna sheen
    2 imag-e-nation

  29. Hi great giveaway. Although on the last minute I would say 1 is joanna sheen and 2 is imagenation. Sat and thought about the second one for ages until spotted the obvious words on the site lol!!! Thanks. Craftchick.


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