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Thursday 13 August 2009

Blossoms Blossoms everywhere!

I've spied these lovely floral creations on my travels around blog land and thought I would share them with you. If you're feeling adventurous why not have a try at them!

Ribbon Blossom by Judy Laing. They are fun and funky to make. Judy's is smaller than the tutorial version on splitcoast stampers here but doesn't overwhelm the card. You simply use smaller lengths of ribbon or cut them down to suit.
Judy has a wonderful way with flowers, always a little bit different. Have a browse round her blog and check out her gorgeous lollipop flowers here

And Celebrate by Tab Robinson. I call Tab the "Master of the Mulberry" for what she does with those mulberry paper flowers. You know the ones that are sitting in the back of your drawers with stems on that you dont quite know what to do with, well Tab has breathed new life into them with a "Bit of Glimmer mist and Glamour dust" which is becomming a catchphrase lol!
Check out her blog for more dazzling mulberries

Here's a couple of Lollipop Flower tutorials I also found for you.
If you're feeling *really* brave you might like to have a go at a chiffon flower. It involves setting fire to it so I'll sit this one out lol! Take a peep over at Midnight Madness challenge blog


  1. brilliant tutorial Vix, and i just adore the flowers, thanks very much - Judie xx

  2. Very nice Vix! I love the tutorials. Aren't these cards beautiful! Really inspiring!


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