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Friday 6 April 2012

Apolgoies about the linky difficulties

Thanks for all your messages regarding not being able to link to our Easter challenge. Unfortunately I have a link back tool set with Linky to prevent anyone who has not linked back to us at CCM from entering our challenges, as it's one of our rules. Sadly, since blogger decided to play silly beggers and give every country it's own specific country extension in the url of your blog, many countries were not matching the address I had put into linky. For example I had put craftycardmakers.blogspot.co.uk for linky to search for in posts of people attempting to enter their cards into our challenge. But people whose entries were coming from somewhere else were being blocked. Craftycardmakers, for example, read by a swedish blogger would be www.craftycardmakers.blogspot.se and the se extension in that case would be what was blocking the entry into the challenge.

As of today's date, to those of you who left a comment below our Easter Challenge post I have now added your card for you and have adjusted how the address will be searched for in future posts so you should hopefully not get the same problem again.

Sorry you have all had such problems, blogger needs a kick in the pants!

Happy Easter

1 comment:

  1. I appreciated the personal message you sent explaining the problem - technology is great when it works but like you said, it is a pain when it doesn't work. Thanks for finding the problem and correcting it - Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


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