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Monday 1 July 2013

Goodbye Google Reader………. hello bloglovin’

A few months ago, I read that Google Reader would be no more as of this year.  I have to admit I was irritated, after all, it wasn’t broke, so why dump it! Anyhow I had a read around and finally I have settled on

So if you have been using Google Reader to keep up with your favourite blogs, you may have received a notice a LONG time ago that it was going away. You probably thought, “Oh, I have plenty of time.” Or like a lot of folks, you may not even have noticed the intention to dump it.

From today 1st July, Google Reader is no more. If you’ve been using it to read our blog posts, start following us by email link over there >>> or Bloglovin’.

Bloglovin’ is a fun, new way to keep up with your favourite blogs. Here’s what you need to know about switching:

1. It’s easy. If I can do, you can too. The process to set up your account is quick and simple. Check out my detailed instructions below to guide you through the process step-by-step!

2. You can import your blogs from Google Reader with the click of a button.

Yup, no manual adding blogs for you! Bloglovin’ will take care of it for you, easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

3. Prefer to read blogs on your mobile device? No problem – Bloglovin’ has you covered! Download the free app for access to your favorite blogs when you’re on the go.

4. You can sort your blogs into different categories, which you can create yourself - Hey maybe Google did us a favour there then.

5. If you’re a blogger – claim your blog easily. You can claim your blog by adding in a verifying link to the top of a post. From there, customize your profile and more!

For setting up an account with Bloglovin’ (detailed, step-by-step, no fail instructions!) go to www.bloglovin.com.

If you have a few minutes today (or as soon as it’s convenient) make sure you make the switch to Bloglovin

And do it fast before you lose us and we cry!!  You don’t want to be responsible for a bunch of grown women sobbing all over their paper stacks! Wrinkled paper is no good to anyone.

The cherry on the cake…. no more having to use a blog reader from a company that wilfully avoids it’s tax duties, so yah booh sucks to you Google, shove your reader, we don’t need ya! LIN W

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  1. I am still reading yours and all other blogs I am following through my blog dashboard still.. not sure what all the fuss was about!!! I never used Google reader o read blogs, always just read them through my dashboard and that hasn't changed!!:)

    1. I thought I replied to this, but I may have started and forgot to click publish!

      When I made this post my dashboard was showing NO POSTS at all in the Reading List it was completely empty, so I assumed, clearly wrongly that the end of Google Reader meant the end of being able to read the posts from the dashboard. Mind you, what might still be there today, who knows if it will still be there tomorrow.

      For safety's sake it might be advisable, even if you chose not to use the reader, to back up your list in Bloglovin' or something similar as after 15th July any information not backed up, or transferred over, will be lost forever, and those are Google's words apparently.

      There is more information on this blog

      Hopefully the reading list will continue, and I am sorry I jumped the gun and assumed it had gone, but there was definitely nothing in my list on the morning of July 1st, so it was a reasonable conclusion to jump to as they had powered down Google Reader on that date.

  2. I hate to tell you but Google owns blogger/blogspot, which includes this blog ;o)

    1. Thanks Sharon, I was aware of that. Doesn't make tax avoidance any more palatable though!

    2. To be fair I didn't say that it does.

    3. Of course you didn't and I didn't mean it to look like I thought you did. Sorry.


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