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Tuesday 28 July 2009

Previous clues

Day 1 clue

Sponsor 1 - Crafts, cooking, flowers and TV, you don't get many more sweeter than me!
Sponsor 2 - Among our products you'll find a motley crew, flip me the other way to get a cheeky view!

Day 2 clue

Sponsor 1 - Heavenly cards for you to do, Eastern treasures you'll find here too.

Sponsor 2 - Creative ideas in your mind, we've lots of treasures here for you to find.


  1. Now your clue to sponsor 1 has confused me, so I'm not so sure any more. Still, I'll stick with Ideal World/Create and Craft. For the second, after thinking about your first clue some more, I'm going to guess La Pache. Again, this new clue means nothing ...

  2. ummm... I'm thinking Craft Heaven and La Pashe


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