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Friday 17 July 2009

Welcome to the new Crafty Cardmakers blog!

A warm welcome to our new blog!

This site is specifically designed for new, shy and inexperienced cardmakers and bloggers! If this sounds like you, pull up a chair and read on :)

Blogging is a wonderful community full of extremely talented crafters with gazillions of challenges and prizes to be won. Somebody tells you about a great blog and encourages you to have a go at the challenge, you love card making so you have a look then your face drops when you see the amazing design team creations designed to "Inspire" you. Yes they are inspiring but for many they are intimidating. You daren't show your work because it is nowhere near the standard of the design team....

STOP right there!!

People are usually selected for a design team because their work is of a different league. Just the same as the designers you see in magazines, they are there for a reason. Flick through to the reader gallery and you'll see not everyone makes cards like that! No you are normal, you are just somebody who enjoys making them, enjoys a bit of a challenge and maybe some direction.

You may be a member of a card making group and see swaps taking place but don't feel you can participate as you're new to card making or whatever reason.

This is what we are designing the site for, YOU and people just like you. Our design team will be made up of new to experienced cardmakers so you will see a broad range and hopefully have the confidence to jump right in and have a go!

We will be opening with our first challenge on Monday August 24th and they will run every other week. On alternate weeks we will give opportunity for you to ask questions about anything cardmaking, we may also put up tutorials and how to's to help you along.
At the moment it is "Just for fun" but if we can get sponsorship then prizes will be offered!

Our aim is to give you the confidence to join in the wonderful world of crafting on a wider scale, join in challenges on other blogs and take part in swaps on any of the numerous groups and learn new skills and techniques.

I will also be putting up a "How to blog" guide to show you how to create your own blog and get you up and running.

Crafty Cardmakers


  1. Love the look hon,any graphic help new members want I too am happy to help out when they feel they want to try layouts etc I will even be happy to make banners from their own images using their colours.



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