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Friday 27 November 2009


You may have heard the term "Masking" but aren't quite sure what it is or you may have seen images put together with no overlap of lines and wondered how its done so we'll show you how!

This technique is called Masking as it hides (or masks) another image you can overstamp.

You will need your stamps and some post it notes. A piece of paper is fine but post it notes are tacky on the back allowing you to stamp without the mask moving giving you both hands to work with.

You need to decide on your image layout, what is going to be the furthest away object and which is the nearest? Start with your nearest object, in this it is the lady in the lake.

Stamp into your blank card and then stamp again onto your post it note and cut the image out as close to the lines as you can get it. Try and make sure part of your image is stamped where the tacky bit is on the back as this will hold it in place.

Place your cut out mask over your stamped image as below. This will allow you to stamp objects further away without leaving lines over your original image.

Stamp your next furthest image where you would like it as the picture below shows. Continue with masking your next layer if you wish to add more images as I have done with the mountain in the background.

The finished item. You may notice a slight gap around the lady, I didn't cut close enough which will leave a gap like that so its important to cut as close to the lines as you can.

Here's another example of masking that Lisa did for our stamping challenge 7 without the gap so you can see the difference (plus she did a better job of it lol!)

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